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Alesco Trade Journal delivers a new standard in trade journaling software. Keeping notes and trade ideas linked with your actual trade data, complete with chart snapshots.

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Trade Tracking

Trade Tracking

The Trade tab is used to record all of your trade information.

- Attach entry and exit chart images to each trade
- Chart image thumbnails can be viewed full-size with a single click
- Assign trades to a specific trading strategy
- Provide a reason for each order of a trade
- Automatic profit calculation

Journal View


The journaling tab is used to record all your notes and thoughts before, after, and during the trading day.

- Notes are grouped by trading day
- Notes can be be given a ticker symbol which is then used to automatically link them with a trade in the reports
- Flag notes for followup
- Record support/resistance levels for key market indices for quick trend identification



The Reporting tab is where notes and trades come together.

- Filter reports by ticker and date
- Journal report with notes grouped by day
- Notes report with notes only
- Flagged Notes report with notes flagged for follow up
- Trades report showing trade/order details
- Trades with Notes report which also adds notes relevant to each trade

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Visualize your trading

Do you use any number of technical indicators in your trading desisions? Alesco Trade Journal will record and display two chart snapshots for every trade that you enter. This provides a permanent record of exactly what the chart, and indicators, looked like at any specific point in time.

Reviewing past trade decisions visually will help you learn to separate the emotion from technical trading decisions and just focus on what the charts are telling you. Combining a visual element with good journaling habits can greatly improve your chart interpretation skills. This will give you the confidence to enter and exit trades without second guessing yourself, saving critical decision time when the heat is on.

Recognize trading mistakes

Trading isn't just about charts, indicators and statistics. Keeping detailed notes thoughout the day, or anytime you are making trading decisions, is also very important. Alesco Trade Journal provides a convenient, easy way to keep a complete journal of all your trading ideas, decisions, and concerns.

Many traders make similar mistakes over and over, without ever knowing why. Good traders understand themselves, and know how to fit their trading to their own style and personality. By keeping a journal of the thoughts and emotions going into each trade decision, you can begin to identify your own style and habits. Patterns will emerge helping you to not only identify your mistakes, but why you made them.

System Requirements

- Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
- Intel processor
- 1GB memory or more
- 1GB available disk space


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